.NET With Pointers Is Fun

Using 'unsafe' code in .NET One of the fun things that .NET lets you do as a core feature is execute so-called 'unsafe' code. This is »

Open Microsoft

(Standard disclaimer: I write for me, not Microsoft, despite working there) I've worked at Microsoft for approximately nine years and nine months. My growing years in »

iPhone 6+, A Month later.

So I ended up caving and buying an iPhone 6+ while I was visiting my sister in NYC. I've spent about a month with it now »

The DevOps Dichotomy

The dichotomy of devops. Operations: Keey your systems and processes running smoothly and minimize disruption. Development: Create new features, and change the status quo (... disrupt ...). Iterate. »

Don't Hate, Automate!

(After spending some time this weekend reading about the recent changes to vendors/contractors and forced hiatus, along with some commentary, I figured I'd write a »

My product is bad, and I should feel bad.

The worst thing I can admit as a "software guy" is that I did a bad job. I mean, the worst thing I can admit to »